My Zuri Internship Journey

My Zuri Internship Journey

my first blog post ever is going to keep me accountable!

Hello! I'm Busayo, a self-taught web developer, and a software engineering cohort at ALX, and this is my first blog post! -__- . I picked up 'conscious' interest in the IT world sometime in January, 2021 and i've been going aggressively (i'm talking 6-7 hours a day, coding) at it. So far, its been awesome! im really excited to see where i will be in a year, because that was the long term goal i set for myself. I'm on the full stack web development path but so far i have learned, and im confident in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and i started learning to build scaleable webApps with React.js

Anyways, why am I here? and why are you reading still? right? Well, this blog is supposed to hold me accountable for the next 8 weeks to see how far i can go in an ongoing internship, called Zuri ,a large scale virtual internship for people learning to code and design. It focuses on the post-training phase, and creates a virtual work environment for participants.

At the end of this internship,i want to:

  1. Know how far i can go with these challenges at the internship.

  2. Strengthen my knowledge about the front end web development, and hopefully add one more front end framework to my current stack.

  3. Network! This soft skill cannot be over emphasized. I want to network assist, and learn from as many people as possible during the internship, and hopefully after.

  4. I love a challenge, so, here i am!.

In my journey so far, a lot of tutorials have helped me to get to this stage. Some of them include:

1)FIGMA in 40 Minutes by Simon Edwin(DevEd channel on Youtube). []. A starter's guide to Figma Design tool, and getting familiar with it's layout. Recommended for anybody trying to know what the whole fuss about Figma is, and doesn't want to spend too much time doing so!

2)GIT - a version control system that works hand in hand with GitHub, Every Developer's safe space to showcase their projects and portfolio! Learning GIT is too important and cannot be over emphasized! Get started with GIT in 15 minutes on FreeCodeCamp's channel [here( .

3)HTML - the silent boss haha! Coding in Javascript? No? okay, PHP? Python? You need the HyperTextMarkUpLanguage(HTML). HTML is responsible for the text and the structure of websites and webapps. Everything Structure and text you see? it is HTML! It is so embedded in the programming world that it is often debated as a programming language. If you want to get your web development journey started, you need to know HTML. Here's where you can learn it, and fast too, on Traversy media channel on Youtube.

4) JavaScript - The Invincibe Bully! Lol. Whether or not you have started with JavaScript, or you are about to start, the stories are true! JavaScript can be a pain in the butt, but one can make the learning process 'easy' or 'fun' by being nothing but consistent at it. That's how you learn anything anyway. Here is a very nice site to grasp the concepts of Vanilla Js 'easily'. Even I only just moved on from Vanilla JS after struggling with it for 5 months straight LOL!

So, I'm going to be stopping here. Let's see how far i can go! I'm excited!